Monday, July 20, 2009

More perambulations with Windows Vista (the Dell touchpad)

Well, my latest Microsoft Windows Vista misadventure is more a Dell issue, with the touchpad. It seems that when I go into Blogger in Mozilla, and try to put in hyperlinks and especially bold them, the touchpad goes crazy, moves text around, and most of all, unzooms. From rooting around (and looking at the control panel, mouse and touchpad, and Dell’s “gesture”), it seems that the “pinch” touchpad mechanics will cause the zoom to be invoked when your fingertip wanders too far to the right part of the pad. But I could not get it to unzoom back. The Blogger dashboard got so small as to be unusable. With Firefox, the browser does not show a zoom facility, which seems odd since it is supposed to be built into Vista and partially mediated by the hardware manufacturer (here Dell XPS).

So I had, for the time being, to go into Internet Explorer, where there is a visible zoom control at the bottom right of the page. We’ll see what happens.

IE starts in Blogger with a defaault zoom of 95%. That's an "A".

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