Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Microsoft upping Expression Web to EW 3: plan carefully for it

I noticed, when buying a Vista-to-7 laptop today at Best Buy, and checking some system requirements on the wireless link in the store (no, I didn’t go to any porn or anything embarrassing – just business) that Microsoft seems to be promoting Expression 3, and it seems that it comes out in August 2009, and it seems to be cheaper. The system requirements link, for example, is here.

It also seems that now you have to have .NET 3.5, but that if you have Vista you have a head start on this. The ideal setup is apparently Developer’s Visual Studio and Expression, and the price of the entire combination seems to be falling.

Where this leads for a “self-publisher” is, of course, the idea of having one strategy for an integrated presence and “reputation” on the Web – with the key articles, blogs, and updates, and comment facility (and ad space) all well organized and automated. It’s sort of an amateur’s version of “professionalism” that may become the next strategy for reinventing oneself in the market.

Another idea is the idea that most of these packages (Expression, Dreamweaver, as did the old and inadequate Front Page) present the idea that a Web is a coherent object, to be moved around as a whole rather than updated in bits and pieces – as self-publishers often work.

I seem to remember back in the late 90s using Allaire Home Studio for work on a corporate site – and the real work was really done in bits and pieces, with little promotions between QA and production regions. They call it “using an atom bomb to swat a fly.”

I’m finding stories on the Web of conflicts in Vista, at least with Microsoft Office add-ons, in installing Expression Web 2, as with this Mike Swanson article.
Will there be any issues for 64 bit machines (since the XPS machine that I bought is 64 bits)? It looks not, but it’s hard to find a clean reference on it. Here’s one at Microsoft (look at the related questions for explanation of 64 bit processing).

There is a subtle posting that talks about Expression Web conversions and .NET problems, that may shed some light.

Picture: using a Blackberry for secure wireless is a bit of a pain.

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