Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Maybe introverts have an advantage in the job market after all

AOL has a “best jobs for introverts” or “work-alone jobs” link, here. Not surprising, they’re largely technical, starting with computer software engineer. They also include automobile technician, graphic designer, and technical writer.

Actually, systems engineers do have to remain presentable and sell themselves internally or to clients. But they largely sell their own work and skills, compared to, say, a “professional salesman” like Steve Zahn’s character on “Night Train.”
I wonder how Mark Zuckerburg, the primary founder of Facebook fits in to this picture. He seemed rather shy on Oprah, actually, but so did Bill Gates in earlier eras. Aaron Greenspan, one of the other Harvard classmates involved in Facebook (in his own book Authoritas) and founder of Think Computer (look at his Whiteboard and “content management for normal people”) demonstrates what the introvert does – at least the detailed writing in his book comes across as that of an introvert.

Picture: Engineer in a lunar colony is a good future job for introverts.

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