Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Keeping your job search confidential

The July 20 2009 issue of The Career News takes up the basic tips on how to submit resumes “anonymously” or confidentially to various job sites, starting with the common sense fact that your resume file won’t mention your name, or too many other names. You don’t your boss to know, do you. The link is here. The second article in the issue discusses Resume Rabbit and its confidentiality feature.
I think in a lot of cases, almost everyone knows who is looking for work. That certainly was true in my case a few times. Of course, the people other employers want are generally the people not known to be looking.

Will perspective employers look more kindly on nameless resumes? I don’t see that happening in my own experience.

Interviews that don’t result in offers are not always dead ends. In 1981, I had an interview that didn’t result in an offer (it stayed at too high a level technically), but then the organization traded names with another company that did give me a job two months later – when I needed to move. I stayed at that company six years, with stability.

Don’t mix this site up with “Career News”.

The other obvious confidentiality tip is, watch what you say in your blogs and social networking profiles.

Picture: a little abstract art with a CVS camera never hurt anybody; and it's nameless.

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