Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is franchising a good idea for some people?; the "property poet"

Well, there’s a lot more being written these days about owning your own business, particularly a franchise. These opportunities exist in everything from UPS to fast food to home health care or even day care. Some of them involve heavy “people skills”, more than a lot of IT people like. And some people may not like the idea of dedicating their personhood to promoting “somebody else’s” brand.

Career Digest (July 13) offered a web reference called “Franchise Choice” here.

Another idea was communicated in a recent ABC Nightline segment (July 13) about a “property poet” – a woman in New Jersey who writes property descriptions. Ever read the glowing descriptions of homes? She sees them at home in virtual reality on her computer and is paid per property to write the descriptions. We generally call this type of contract work copywriting (not to be confused with "copyright"). The entreprenurial idea is often floated by groups like Writers Digest.

Realtors were asked why they needed to hire her to write simple ads and they said, oh, we’re not writers.

In New Jersey and a few other states in the past, there have been zoning issues in a few townships for people who work or write from home; hopefully, at least from the appearance in the Nightline segment, these have been resolved.

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