Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In Vista: "Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working" on Day 2! What gives here?

Well, One day into (mis)adventures with Windows Vista, I get a “Windows Explorer has stopped working” on startup. But what happened was that the Blackberry Verizon wireless application to look for a wireless signal seemed to hang. Finally, Vista let me restart Explorer (the Start Menu) which “fixed itself) and sent a crash report to Microsoft. But the crash log said that I should uninstall and upgrade my Blackberry connect. But the available devices in the Blackberry menu did not exactly match the model number Verizon had sold me.

Nevertheless, when I started the Verizon app manually and attached the Blackberry device manually through the USB, everything worked, and wireless Internet worked (although more slowly than cable). When I turned the machine off and did another reboot, the next time I did not get any problems. So it sounds like a sloppy, unsafe code problem; if a signal is weak or unavailable, the application doesn’t return to Vista cleanly and hoses it – but then Vista should just close it and tell you, and not have to crash Explorer.

I find a lot of users complaining about the “Windows explorer has stopped working” online, without much of a clear answer. The best answer seems to have to do with creating a new user (in safe mode if necessary), here.

The sales contract with Best Buy offers free Windows 7 upgrade in early 2010 when it is released.

Here are a couple of other discussions: Vista Forums, and Techguy.

Does anyone understand what this Vista error really means?

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