Thursday, July 23, 2009

How do you protect your subordinates from recession? (Can you?)

Jason Hiner offers a short video today on Tech Republic blogs, “How to recession-proof your IT Group”. The link is here.

Note that the interest here is on “your” group, assuming you are the manager, team lead or formal project leader. It’s not just about you (Rick Warren style) or “your career” (Shostakovich 13th Symphony style, which has a movement entitled “a career”). It’s your cubs, your protectorate, your little empire.

I won’t repeat the exact list (watch the video!) but realize that “you” are in charge, you’re the pro (and your own online reputation had better say that). The biggest tip is to hang loose, tinker, and remain curious. But the big tip is to own your own perception of the business problem, which may be novel: it may have to do with legal compliance, asymmetry, changing revenue or advertising models, changing underling paradigms, indeed some meta-thought.

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