Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Avon is another good example of multi-level marketing opportunities -- but not for everybody

Emma L. Carew has a column in “Washington Business”, “Avon Calling – for more sales representatives” on p. A14 of the Washington Post July 28. The link is here.

Multi-level marketing might not appeal to introverted IT people, but some people find that it makes a good backup income or good second income, but it definitely requires a bent for “sales culture” – the “always be closing” technique. Some operations like this seem to have been doing surprisingly well during the recession.

On my first job at RCA in 1970, I remember attending a recruiting session in a coworker’s New Jersey home for Amway, which he sold as “income security.”
With some employers, there could be concerns over conflict of interest or no-moonlighting rules.

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