Saturday, July 04, 2009

AOL offers "Top 10 companies hiring": Dell and Warner Brothers(!) stand out

AOL again has a job opportunities posting today, “Top 10 Companies Hiring Now”, a welcome item the day after a federal announcement of a 9.5% unemployment rate.

But there are some surprises. One is Dell, and the computer manufacturer actually has HR openings. Two more are Parsons and Siemens (the latter a German engineering company that we covered recently). Also notice Twitter (even if not yet “monetizied” – maybe "super microblogger" Ashton Kutcher has something to do with this) and T-Mobile. (Generally, telecommunications companies do have stores and kiosks in almost all malls.) But the big surprise may be Warner Brothers Entertainment.

The direct site for Warner Brothers jobs now is “Warner Brothers careers” here The site says “Picture yourself among the stars. Picture yourself here.” Watch your online reputation. The information technology jobs appear to be merged with Time Warner (which would incorporate the cable operations, as well as other studios like New Line).

I looked at their IT jobs in early 2002. There is a tendency to require a broad background in both mainframe and client server or mini platforms (Unix and AS400), and a mix of somewhat specific skills on several platforms. I recall DB2, Cobol (general IBM mainframe), and C++ (and related client server skills) and various other packages (People Soft, etc) being sought. Warner Brothers has a large, structured, professionally run information technology operation, and may be a good hunting ground for versatile professionals living in the LA area, even given the weak economy.

It’s interesting to see Warner Brothers (and Time Warner) back on the list, since the companies have undergone downsizings and consolidations, with, for example, dropping the Warner Independent Pictures and Picturehouse units. Movies, despite all the stories about studio budget battles, seem to do well during recessions. And cable companies are bound to benefit in time from (Obama’s) economic stimulus in the broadband area (although a lot of the stimulus may go to smaller companies).

For me, well, I may be trying to sell a movie script soon. That does make things interesting.

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