Monday, June 01, 2009

Siemens: overview of a global engineering and IT company

I heard ABC GMA this morning mention “Siemens” in connecting information technology jobs related to automating health care, and I thought I would pass along the correct URL.

There are other sites with varied spelling that offer ads; one of these parked domains came up Green on McAfee Site Advisor but was blocked by Spysweeper, so be careful with deliberate misspellings of popular corporate sites .

The company appears to have a wide variety of business and government services typical of large information technology consulting firms (as well as engineering).

The employment FAQ page is interesting (look here) The company advises emailing passport photo and testimonials, with specificity that I don’t see often on corporate employment websites. Another interesting answer is that the company offers distinct career paths “management, specialist, project management”, and realizes that hierarchal management is not the right measure of career progress for everyone. The tone of the questions and answers seems to suggest that the company would be concerned about a candidate’s “online reputation” but I don’t see anything really specific about that. The FAQ page has a link to a Testimonials page (mainly for more recent college graduates, especially overseas) and I recommend visitors study these. Again, I haven’t seen this often on corporate employment websites, and more companies ought to look in to this kind of innovation in the HR interface on the Web.

The international company is headquartered in Berlin and Munich, Germany.

Attribution link for picture of the Brandenburg Gate (Creative Commons and Wikimedia), here. I was there in May, 1999.

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