Friday, June 26, 2009

Should you tweet that you were laid off?

Here’s a good one from Toni Bowers on the Tech Republic blogs: “Should you avoid tweeting that you’ve been laid off?” A question for "strange days." The URL link is here.

She says, if others are going to follow you around anyway (it sounds like a security problem to me), why not appear desperate if you get fired? Misery loves company.

I suppose there’s an issue if you tweet about your all-nighter before a major implementation at work, or an end-of-month closing. Maybe that could even give away quasi-confidential information about where you work (or worked).

What I recall is a story about a Prudential layoff near Minneapolis in 1999: people came in at 6 AM and no one could log on. “We knew”. So, after the low-key announcement, everybody adjourned to a Ruby Tuesday’s for drinks at late morning and that’s when all the networking began, en masse. Where I worked, we got a project leader from the process.

It seems that with Twitter the lemmings can all disperse. Why not enjoy the drinks first?

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