Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Possible freelance opportunities for Ebay trade assistance advertised

I got an email from a group called “The Experts in Time” today, offering the possibility of becoming a Trade Manager Assistant for "Trans Bridge". The website that it directed me to comes from Yahoo! groups and was this or this Yahoo! address this (requires Yahoo! registration and logon). The site describes itself as an Ebat Drop Off store, and mentions that it has trading assistants that research and post the items.

The implication of the email is that people can make money at home in the United States or United Kingdom (probably other countries like Canada, Australia, etc) as assistants, in freelance mode.

I don’t know how well this works. Perhaps the idea will show up on one of the morning news shows (like Tori Johnson’s Women for Hire on Good Morning America). Certainly, this does sound like another new kind of opportunity.

If others have tried it, please feel free to comment.

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