Sunday, June 07, 2009

More on polygraphs: retesting, failures

Derrick T. Dortsch (CEO of the Diversa Group {see link on Feb 22 2009 on this blog] has another conversation on polygraph tests in the Washington Post Jobs Section, Sunday, June 8. “Relax, Be Honest on Polygraph Tests” the article reads, here.

He talks about whether polygraphs can be retaken when failed (they usually can), and whether they can lead to withdrawal of a job offer (they can). But they don’t compromise existing clearances.

He discusses that polygraphs look for physiological responses to questions, and then can get into the area of a person’s “existential integrity” – what makes him tick or where his motives lead.

Here is a recent posting by Christopher Intaglia from Science Line on the MRI Lie Detector (link). Two companies in this business include the new Cephos Corporation and No Lie MRI. But it doesn’t sound like the federal government is requiring this (yet).

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