Friday, May 29, 2009

Twitter could become the next innovation on IT recruiting and job hunting

Toni Bowers has an interesting piece on the “Career Management” (and “View from the Cubicle”) blog today (May 29) at Tech Republic, “Six steps for using Twitter as a recruitment tool”, link here.

She suggests that companies or employers not only set up Twitter Profiles for posting openings, but that they engage in constructive dialogue with potential candidates. What seems apparent is that recruiters and staffing companies would find this approach useful. But the staffing companies would need to network with their client companies (which might tend to be old school and less technically aggressive) to become part of the process. Large manpower companies could even set up positions for people to be responsible for directing this networking.

The other obvious area for this technology would be in agenting for actors and writers in the media – although various legal and guild agreements would have to be considered. But judging from Ashton Kutcher’s promotion of Twitter, you might start seeing that happen.

It’s interesting how job networking is moving away from resumes and publications to short bursts of communication.

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