Sunday, May 03, 2009

Some census takers have already been hired, apparently

I’ve covered Census Bureau (U.S. Department of Commerce) jobs before. Recently, someone rang the doorbell and handed a form apparently advising of next year’s census, which starts April 1, 2010 and the basic facts that apply to everyone are here.

If someone applied for a job as a census taker and did not apply early in 2009, it’s likely that it has become too late to be hired as a runner who passes out the year-in-advance notices. These people were hired from the very first batch of applicants who passed the test.

The small piece of paper warns that census takers are subject to criminal penalties, including jail, of they disclose any information at all that could identify anyone whose information they collected for the Census.

All of this is a minor matter so far – but worthy of note.

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