Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remember Billings computers? Oh, so 80's

Remember a company back in the early 1980s called Billings? The company, I believe, originated in Utah and had a vision of renewable energy, advanced agricultural production, and personal computers, about the time that Radio Shack TRS-80, with its black 64 character built-in monitor.

In a brochure, it even advertised a career program for techies who would go door-to-door and maintain them for consumers. It was like a 1980s “geek squad”, but very culture dependent. The techies, in fact, were not to be paid during their training or apprentice period. It sounded like a setup out of the guild society of mid-millennial Europe.

I still remember a visit to the company in Independence, MO in the summer of 1982. At the least, it was a curiosity, even then.

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