Thursday, May 28, 2009

"COBOL People" has website with interesting "factoids": Is COBOL alive and well?

I thought I would pass along the name and URL of a prescient group called “”. The tagline is "Got COBOL? We've got people". The website says “COBOL "is" the backbone of the majority of mission critical business applications in use today” and gives an impressive list of “COBOL Factoids” including “70% of mission-critical applications are in COBOL”.

The site has signups for candidates and employers.

I will follow this site, but it seems to disagree with my previous assertion that today’s IT professionals don’t want to bank on an online reputation based on “old technology” including COBOL.

I had a manager back in Dallas in the 1980s who actually said “I am a COBOL person.” Then, when the company I worked at was chased in a hostile takeover, she said “there are no jobs in Dallas” (as of 1987). I wonder what mainframe is “doing to Dallas” today.

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