Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Training Camp" offers boot camps with surety

Chris Porter of “Training Camp” has been promoting a “training surety” program on CNN program hosted by Frefericka Whitfield (with the CNN report starting the weekend of April 18, 2009). The company offers one-week I.T. certification programs. It says it has partnered with Microsoft’s Elevate America to offer free training to some people who have lost jobs, and that it will also make a surety guarantee to anyone who goes through their program that they can come back again free if they are laid off from a job in the meantime. "Training Camp" offers a link to its own CNN appearance with this YouTube video.

The programs are typically one-week certification programs in a number of cities. Typically someone would have to put themselves up in a hotel. The company is based in Philadelphia. CNN's Whitfield called them "job training boot camps."

My question is, can a one-week certification training course make that much difference in someone’s overall job prospects, outside of specialized circumstances?

Marketability requires real expertise and in depth implementation and production experience. Just look at the expertise required for a Sun java certification! It’s hard to see how you can impart this to someone in one week.

Picture: Downtown Philly, near 30th St Station, October 2006, when I was there for the COPA trial.

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