Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tips in how to become more professionally visible: but you have to be proud of what you do (for pay) first!

Jason Hiner (Tech Republic) has offered “five ways to increase your professional visibility” The link includes a video (six months) and transcript. The link is here.

The suggestions may sound like common sense.

One is to speak publicly on your expertise. Another is to get published in professional journals. Another is to speak to the press, but be careful not go give your employer’s name in most circumstances, because the employer might get the idea you are speaking for the employer rather than yourself. Another is to serve as an officer or board member in a professional association.

The hooker for all of this is that you have to “believe” in what you do and that you have to work in an area that you believe is actually important and that is growing. One problem in I.T. has been that many people get “left behind” (say, not “raptured” in supporting older systems until they are shut down or taken over. This tips work only if you can stay ahead of the curve in the activities that generate your paycheck. Also, you don’t want to wind up sounding patronizing or supporting “other people’s agendas.”

What I think is really interesting is to apply these tips to a business that you start.

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