Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MSN and CareerBuilder's "office ethics" tips

MSN this morning features ten tips from “Career Builder” by Kate Lorentz, “Ten Surefire Ways to Tick Off Your Coworkers,” here.
Although I see an awful lot of these “lists” of workplace tips (especially on Tech Republic) these, from another source, caught my eye.

The firs tip comes out of Rick Warren (“The Purpose-Driven Life”) “Is it always about you?”

I think a lot of them sound like common sense. But one tip I would add. Don’t take advantage of a co-worker’s generosity and let it just drop. For example, don’t expect rides to seminars without sharing the gas. Don’t expect him or her to cover your “nightcall” (24 hour pager-driven production support) when something happens in your family without returning the “favor.”

By the way, did anybody notice – Pagers had their own “text messaging” systems before cell phones. (In 2001 people were checking the stock market on them.) I remember the texts as far back in the 1970s even, on MMIS production systems. But a lot of the text messages you really didn’t want.

AOL also has a Business Week column by Bruce Weinstein, "The Ethics of Work-Life Balance: The recession pushes some to work harder than ever, but overextending yourself won't save your job, and it's unethical, too, writes The Ethics Guy", link here.

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