Monday, April 13, 2009

Channel Insider's list of "hot" contractor skills: looks a lot like 2002

The CI or “Channel Insider” has a snazzy “slide show” ("The Professional Tech Skill Sets") of the top jobs for IT contractors. They “ain’t” mainframe. They stress SQL server, MySQL, C, java, .NET, HTML (real expertise), Cascading Style Sheets – and – this is a bit of a surprise – search engine optimization, which tells you that marketing is still pretty aggressive.

The link is here.

That sounds like the list of “what’s hot” from early 2002. There was also “what’s not” then. It’s interesting to see that Visual Studio .NET has hung in so long as a desirable skill – yet I don’t know who really uses it as a production environment. I’ve played with the Express version (the 2008 link is here.

The page also offers the Microsoft Partner program, with "flexible financing".

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