Sunday, April 12, 2009

AOL advises that age is advantage for many jobs (especialy when "people centered")

Today (Easter Sunday, April 12), AOL provided a long jobs column, in two parts.

The first claimed that there will be a tsunami of teacher retirements that will overwhelm the budget cuts and layoffs right now, and pretty soon the teacher shortage will become positively desperate again (probably most in lower grades). The article had been republished from USA Today.

The second part of the article gave five jobs where age (as with baby boomers finding they have to work longer because of the financial collapse) is an advantage. These included health care worker, financial planner, and consultant. What may happen with some of the jobs is that they are commission-based (except for health care) and may depend on social or business connections or “leads” built up over years – something not everyone has been very good at.

The link is here.

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