Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Part time job market still may be pretty strong

AOL today has a headline story about partime jobs, some of which are based on working from home. The story is followed by a list of jobs that pay various hourly rates, starting with $60 an hour (sure, investment banker!) The story is by Molly Harman from

Despite the recession, Alpine access is still hiring (as would be some other similar companies) "customer care professionals". These jobs involve taking customer service telephone calls at home for various retail clients. Generally the worker needs to buy a modern PC that will be used only for work, and security requirements are strict; a stable land broadband connection at home is required (wireless is not considered secure enough or reliable enough yet, although that will likely change in the future).

There are a variety of other jobs listed, including tutor, shopper, and specialized blogger.

The article also mentions Odesk, “Hire, Manage and Pay remote contractors as if they were in your office,” link here.

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