Tuesday, March 24, 2009

"Interactive Strategies": an interesting company presented on local DC television

On Monday March 23, 2009 NBCWashington featured a brief story on a company called “Interactive Strategies”, located in Washington DC. The website is this. There is a link that says “we’re hiring” (despite recession, which seems less severe in the DC area than elsewhere anyway) and the lists of skills are rather specialized and focus on e-marketing, and related items such as CSS/XHMTL, Flash, a MySQL. Actually, I have some of this at home with my own websites (I could tell the company a story about using MySQL and java hosted by a small ISP that I tried working with a few years ago), but it may not be as deep as they would want.

But the main reason that the company is interesting is the Facebook Feed, which is a mechanism to allow small businesses to advertise on the social networking site with very little capital for marketing. The company provides a “Blog to Being a Happy Client” underneath the Facebook link. What I found on Facebook was this (you may need to be a Facebook member and log in to see it). For example, on April 1, 2009 the company offers a Lunchbox session “Learn Search Engine Marketing and Social Media” here.

I couldn’t find the NBCWashington story on their site today.

There is another DC company that I became familiar with a few years ago, “Fierce Markets” (based on Ben Franklin’s saying), and it’s still there.

Picture: From the Washington Monument, August 2007; yes, the smog can be bad in summer.

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