Friday, March 20, 2009

Ever heard of the EDS "House Interview" (about 1972)?

Ever heard of the “House Interview”? Back in 1978, when I was working for Bradford on New York State MMIS, I worked with several ex-EDS employees who not only had saved printed copies of their notorious dress code, but also told tall tales of the “House Interview.” After passing initial screening and interviews to become a systems engineer, an EDS (Electronic Data Systems). HR person would show up, unannounced at your door for the “house interview.” One employee told of being embarrassed because his wife was in lingerie. You kept your house clean. Private lives didn’t exist.

It almost sounds like EDS then was acting like social services for foster parents, checking up on things. How times have changed. And how EDS has changed, hopefully.

The dress code, which required formal suits, white shirts, and that coats be kept on (supposedly IBM used to check for garters) was based on the idea that customers did not “understand” data processing. I saw the 1972-dated memo once.

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