Wednesday, March 25, 2009

AOL lists good careers for introverts

Walletpop on AOL has a great column today “10 Jobs for Quiet Workers” – that is, career fields for introverts where there is good demand despite recession. The author is Rachel Zupek. The first job on the list is Automotive Service Technician, which has become quite IT driven with all of the chips and engine analyzers (about which there are beaucoup websites). The tenth category was “writers, authors and technical writers”. The most IT driven one was number 6, “network systems analyst.” Business systems analysts take a little more extroversion, at least the ability to sell business plans to management within an organization. Insurance companies have always been big on business systems analysts and formal project leaders. Yup, project leadership takes more extroversion, too.

Tech sales wouldn't be good for introverts -- too much schmoozing.

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