Monday, March 16, 2009

AOL lists 10 companies "desperate for people" -- would you want these jobs?

AOL offered its subscribers a “pleasant surprise” and “ray of hope” (outplacement-wise, that is) Monday May 16 with a headline article “10 Top Companies Hiring This Week”, link here. The lead byline on their home page characterized the companies as “desperate for workers”. Two of the companies involved personal health or custodial care, one involved pest control, and several involved lower-end retail, one involved electronic retail (Radio Shack, which may have benefited from Circuit City’s demise – and Radio Shack has had its own difficulties in past recessions) Another company was KinderCare, and this is teaching and care for very young children. There is a tendency for many of the jobs in these companies to be heavy with sales and “quasi-intimate” people skills, compared to what IT is used to.

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