Monday, February 23, 2009

Tech Republic offers 2009 Salary Survey, with some surprises: it's important to move up!

This morning (Feb. 23), Tech Republic offers (to free subscribers) its 2009 I.T. Skills and Salary Report, as a 7 page PDF file. I had trouble browsing the file in Mozilla; I had to save on my harddrive and view with Adobe itself. The download link is here.

In a budget-conscious and sometimes retracting environment, there are some trends. 33% of all I.T. professionals have budgeting responsibility, and it seems that about 30% have direct reports. This, to me, sounds like a reversal of an earlier trend for “flatter” management pyramids and larger “span of control.” It is more important than ever before to advance in one’s field and demonstrate a track record of doing so – which is somewhat a sea change from the 80s and early 90s (and even from the Y2K period when large scale mainframe coding was in such short-lived demand). This development can create conflicts of interest in an area where there is a lot of self-expression on the Internet and concerns about “reputation.”

Salary was dependent heavily on job performance, but also on training received. Salaries in larger Metropolitan areas, such as around Washington DC, are over $90000 often. The higher salaries and greater specialization seem to be the result of a Darwinian market that has weeded a lot of people out. (Around 2000 or so, $70000 was a lot.) It may comport with the bubble-and-burst economy that we have lived through.

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