Sunday, February 01, 2009

Post ad makes some points about today's job market

The Washington Post has a big “Professional Opportunities” print ad today (Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009) on p F3, Business, that illustrates some of the touchy issues of the job market. Newspapers are normally contracting and laying off, and the Post may no exception. Nevertheless, professionals who are very dedicated to advancement may prosper. Although this is not an IT position, the qualities sought “teach a lesson.”

The position is General Manager of “Washington Post Briefings.” Qualified candidates will have proven experience collaborating with C-suite executives” and later “have a wide-range of high-level contacts…” The term “C-suite” refers to chief officers of various divisions of a company. Note that the successful candidate has dedicated his whole life to networking and “reputation” – something that previously more introverted techies thought was for good old boys.

I once pondered the idea of becoming an IT recruiter. I got a call from someone in Boston who asked what kind of contacts I had in two or three specific federal agencies. I sort of realized this was how the game is played. Particularly, Beltway bandits are supposed to network with government agencies, particularly former military.

I can see how the patterns of discrimination from a few decades past drove me deep into my own world, almost on another planet. It’s hard to get past the speed of light to come back.

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