Thursday, February 12, 2009

HR advice on hiring and firing at the same time; 10 IT jobs at high risk

This morning, Workforce Management told “everybody” about an interesting blog called Fistful of Talent whose second entry today talks about the delicate Human Resources matter of hiring and firing at the same time. Workforce management whimsically refers to the “The recruiting and staffing bloggers at Fistful of Talent” as if it were a normal practice for HR firms to hire bloggers during these stressed times. (Well, please tell the National Writers Union!)

Seriously, it happens all the time. Companies get down to certain headcounts to stay within budget, but still advertise new positions, usually with very specialized skills in core business areas (PeopleSoft sticks in my mind has having been in demand in 2001 when everyone else was being fired.) The blog entry, for Feb 11, is called “HR Pros, Put Your PR Pro Hat On When Layoffs Happen...”. There’s talk of the need to lure some specialized techies out of their zone of safety, when they hear that other employees are even losing severances as terms of getting bailout TARP money. For some professionals, the work “bailout” does mean new opportunities.

In Washington, this could be a good time for people with applications and user skills in specialized areas, like collections, risk management, recapitalization, and mortgage refinancing. I’ve seen postings for “fiscal fire departments” to work for the FDIC, travel weekends to unpredictable cities for the privilege of working 24x7 to take over banks. It’s brutal out there.

Also, today, Baseline Magazine has an interesting gloom article by Ericka Chickowski, “The Ten At-Risk I.T. Jobs”, link here. There is a slide show, that runs automatically on a timer method, on the right side of the page. Surprisingly, E-commerce is seen as in jeopardy, as well as technical project management (although USAJobs seems to show a lot of demand for the latter in the federal government), and various data center staffing jobs.

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