Monday, January 12, 2009

Veterans Preference and federal jobs: get the facts

Since I am starting the process of applying for some federal jobs (some of them could be related to TARP and bailouts) I revisited the subject of Veteran’s Preference.

I served a full two years from 1968-1970 but did not go to Vietnam or see combat and was never wounded. Nevertheless, according to the rules, it appears that I am entitled to a five point preference if I qualify otherwise.

The US Office of Personnel Management has a link with all the rules spelled out here.

It’s important to note that one has to qualify for the job first before Veterans Preference is considered at all.

Although it did not affect me this way, the military “don’t ask don’t tell” policy contributes indirectly to civilian discrimination because LGBT people may be less likely to have completed a qualifying term of service. The same comment also obviously applies to tuition assistance and scholarships.

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