Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oracle issues White Paper on Social Networking Web 2.0 tools in the workplace

Tech Republic has informed its subscribers about a White Paper from Oracle, published August 2008: “The Social Enterprise: Using Social Enterprise Applications to Enable the Next Wave of Knowledge Worker Productivity”, link here. Registration is required to see the PDF.

The paper traces the develop of office technology, such as Lotus notes, and user communities like Usenet and early Compuserve to today’s social networking sites, which it says can promote “stickiness.” The paper emphasizes the free entry and ‘do it yourself” aspects of Web 2.0, which may seem a bit like a paradox in businesses (especially sales) driven by social connections. It then goes to discussion “Building Webcenter 2.0 Social Applications and the Oracle Webcenter Suite.

It does not get into the possibility of conflicts between the social or political perspective of an organization and the perspectives of the individuals who may own their own presence on the Web.

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