Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Odesk" gives hot skills list with some surprises -- even for freelance writers

ODesk (Outsourcing tips and Best Practices) has a survey of the “hottest” skills, somewhat skewed as apparently a lot of the jobs in its survey are freelance. The link is here. You’ll see a lot of increase in Wordpress, Joomla, and SEO. There was significant demand in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, connected to XML). It seems that there is a lot of low-keyed web design work going on right now even in a down economy.

One interesting item was the increase in “writing” explained by a link as “freelance writing” and apparently referring to technical writing and editing. The link refers to certification examinations in these areas, for which I was unaware (although one might check Brainbench for this). A significant part of this may be grant writing, which is a specific niche to get into. This might well increase with the policies of the new Obama administration. The National Writers Union, or a chapter in your city, might be a good place to get a handle on this opportunity.

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