Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Management group offers white paper on social networking sites and the workplace

Today (Jan. 27) Tech Republic offered a white paper “Social Networking: Brave New World or Revolution from Hell? A look at the phenomenon of Social Networking and the implications for Businesses”. The entry link is here, and requires registration and log on for a free download.

The 4-page paper (in PDF format) comes from “Message Labs” with a tagline “Be Certain”. The paper seems mainly concerned about the use of social networking sites in the workplace itself. About 10% of professionals use social networking sites at work for legitimate business purposes, such as developing leads.

The paper doesn’t seem concerned about the implications outside of work, where clients look for the names of professionals in search engines and form impressions, rightly or wrongly.

The HR profession still deals with this issue with kid gloves, in professional-speak. I guess that’s because they’re not home to watch Dr. Phil!

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