Friday, January 09, 2009

Federal government KSA's: my own generic list

How would I characterize my own “knowledge, skills and abilities” in a generic sense, regardless of which federal job?

Skills: To me, this means I am job-ready, and need little catch-up time:

Here are some hands on skills that are job ready:

(1) COBOL (COBOLII, COBOLMVS) up to 20 years
(3) CICS Command Level
(4) HTML
(5) Written communications (papers, research, organizations)
(6) Oral communications (walk through)
(7) Writing systems (“what”) and program (“how”) specifications (in pseudocode if desired)
(8) Writing end user test plans (as with Test Director)

Here are some “knowledges”. Since I have not used these as much, there is more start-up time to get up to speed

(1) SAS
(2) Java
(3) C#
(4) Visual Studio .NET
(5) XML and variants
(6) Unix shells and Linux
(7) DB2 (2 years)
(8) IMS-DB
(9) IDMS
(10) Datacom DB, DC
(11) CICS Macro Level
(12) MMIS
(13) Medpar, postpayment utilization concepts in Medicare
(14) Project Management methodology (very important in federal government)

Here are some “abilities”:

(1) To manage one’s own time to meet due dates and deadlines
(2) To see all the ways a system could fail before implementation
(3) To document (and organize) solutions to support problems that previously had not been encountered

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