Friday, December 19, 2008

MSN Career Builder gives a list of 25 no-no's

Microsoft Network (MSN) has an interesting tome “25 Ways to Sabotage Your Job Search” that I think is worth spreading, from Career Builder, by Anthony Balderrama. The link is here.

This particular list pretty much sticks to common sense. It says that relying on the Internet alone is a mistake, but it doesn’t make a lot of “online reputation” as do other career advisers. Reputation is as much a real-world issue (it always was) as an online issue. It’s important to do as much networking by phone and in person as possible. I’m not a fan of the “lead development” in commission oriented business, but it may be easier to develop rapport than you think.

They recommend targeting your resume to the position (and another source says that this is particularly important in federal government positions, where a particular style in answering essay interview questions online is expected). You should focus on the employer, not yourself, on a cover letter. That tip would be particularly important with more senior positions, where maybe you contact a particular company because you think you can help them solve a business model or paradigm problem (as might happen with a “retiree” or older person).

Don’t bad mouth others (in person any more than on the Internet) and mind your table manners, they say.

I would add be careful with candor. I once told a company about complaints I had heard about them from my previous workplace. I thought I was giving them constructive feedback. But I didn’t hear from them after the interview. Maybe they weren’t a good fit if they couldn’t take the candor. That’s a tough call.

Does this article provide the advice that Microsoft itself follows?

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