Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More on USAJOBS and AvueCentral

Today I used the AvueCentral website again to apply for another government position (this time, the SEC) and I can pass on a couple more tips about USAJOBS.

Many jobs on USAJOBS take you to AvueCentral for application. But you may have to key in a “profile” in your job selection to bring the position up in AvueCentral. Particulalry important is the series and grade, which you break up into separate fields on the selection field. You have to go through some successive menus to get to information technology.

Many jobs will ask you to key in a range of GS grades that are acceptable to you. But if you key in more than one grade, the KSA’s (skill level questions) may be repeated for each grade in the range, requiring you to fill out 10 or more questions several times. They may or may not be identical among the several grades.

There will be an eligibility page and it may offer several combinations of educational criteria (like PhD degrees or graduate school level courses in certain specific areas) to be substituted for certain work experience. These criteria on AvueCentral might not have been stated on USAJOBS itself.

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