Thursday, December 04, 2008

LinkedIn can provide an effective "first impression" on the Web

I’m seeing career counselors recommend now that professionals created a profile on LinkedIn. I am told that such a profile soon appears first in a search engine result, which gives the professional more control of his or her “reputation.” That hasn’t happened for me “yet”.

I created a profile for myself tonight and the URL is here.

The summary only allows 2000 characters, and I found that I had too much, so I gave a link to my Wordpress blog, to a specific entry that has the complete text to what I intend to be found, here.

There is an Experience section that allows only 1000 characters. It’s probably better to give a link to a resume site.

The LinkedIn profile places an emphasis on citing recognition or awards from third parties. It also encourages the display of “Connections”. There is a certain emphasis on having proven that one can sell oneself to others as well as accomplish work.

Nevertheless, the presentation of a profile is much simpler than that on a conventional social networking site.

It is more difficult for someone who has “retired” and trying to change career direction to make this effective than for someone who stays on a “single track”.

The visitor can compare LinkedIn to Dice, which is a much more specialized job seeker’s site. However, an employer visiting Dice must be a paid subscriber. Dice is fairly expensive for a small employement agency but cost effective for a headhunter with some economy of scale.

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