Monday, December 01, 2008

IT consultants need negotiating skills

Rick Freedman has republished an article on Tech Republic “Negotiating Skills for IT Consultants” today (but he says it is a republication of an article from July 23, 2001). The link is here. I thought this was a pretty useful story to pass along, even if it is dated.

There are a few major points. Negotiators sometimes see sessions as like sports contests to be won or lost, rather than actually getting or keeping business. Negotiators should focus on shared mutual interests with the client and become pragmatic.

An early episode of Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” (in notorious one with Troy McClain and what was done to him “for the sake of the team”) was based on the idea of “negotiation.”

More introverted programmers, who see themselves as “individual contributors” may not look forward to sessions like these, but negotiation becomes more important as more professionals freelance.

Debt collection agencies now say that when they hire, they are looking for people with “negotiation” skills.

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