Sunday, November 09, 2008

Should community service appear on an I.T. resume?

Vickie Elmer, in a lead article in the “Jobs” section of the Washington Post, Nov. 9, recommends that a section of your resume comprise volunteer activities. The article is called “Workplace success starts with civility,” link here.

It’s a good question of volunteer activities belong if they are not related to the job, or if they suggest a political or religious affiliation (unless the employer is in that area). I wonder what people think of this.

Back around 1991 (during a difficult economy), I saw a cover letter to a mainframe information technology resume that offered to "volunteer" at first, in a company that did hire interns at the time.

Volunteer work may be more relevant in applying for a first job. Susan J. Ellis recommends “Put Volunteer Work on a Resume,” link in "Charity Guide" here. While some people will call a secrion of their resumes “Community Service” Ellis recommends integrating it with work experience if possible.

Nevertheless, Community Service experience may become more relevant if society comes to expect it more in tune with harder times, especially as a president who has talked a lot about national service takes office.

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