Sunday, November 23, 2008

Even in a bad economy, pick the career your really want!

With a bad economy, job hunters are in a bind as to how they present themselves online. At least, often. Career counselors expect to see rah-rah attitudes for what applicants do, and now to see online profiles or reputations that the goals of their industries. And all of this in a world where many industries have been discredited by corruption or at least a lack of transparency. I remember the descriptions that ex-employees gave of the atmosphere at Enron before it collapsed.

Truth is, many people work under extreme pressure to meet short-term goals, and are not allowed to question the business models that they live in at any deeper level. Until things crash. And now that really gets outrageous when employers check up on “online reputation,” compared to business goals that may be forced on applicants by family circumstances.

For purely technical people, it ought to be better. Yet, we’ve seen a lot of hype in recent years about the demand for techies to move into sales.

Particularly for college or grad students: if you get to focus on problems you want to solve, then this is all fine. Take the right courses. Stay in that area. Get paid to solve real problems that need to be fixed to get out of this economic mess, or to prevent some of the freedoms online that now seem so precarious from collapsing.

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