Tuesday, November 11, 2008

"Elance" site matches contracting positions to immediate needs, all over the world

The web site “ELance” may help a lot of IT people find short term contract work (or even longer term work), and many small businesses and individuals get very specific jobs done. Payment is done when the job is completed. The buzzword is "Get Work Done."

There is a “Find Professionals” tab that lists small consulting companies and professionals all over the world, and allows customers to rate them. There is a “Find Work” tab that opens on a very interesting table of the number of jobs in each specific skill area. Interesingly, “social networking” and “Myspace” are listed as desired skills. It’d interesting that COM programming is still in greater demand than .NET. I wonder what that means.

I can remember when, in the early 1990s during a previous recession, pay for "piecework" was being suggested as an antidote for job loss, with the Lincoln Electric Company in Ohio being presented as an example of the concept.

The site was shown on NBC-Washington’s News at 6 tonight.

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