Monday, October 13, 2008

"SHRM" has report "Best Practices in HR Technology"

The Society for Human Resources Management (Alexandria, VA) today (Oct 13) emailed a link to its new PDF report “Best Practices in HR Technology.” Some of the systems offered include Ultimate Software, Success Factors Research, SumTotal, Workscape, Taleo, Kronos, Skillsoft, Plateau, and Halogen Softeare.

The report emphasized several areas, including “green learning”, which would include telecommuting (even given security implications) and paperless processing (which would mean creativity and automation would be needed in archiving QA test results in an information technology environment). There was also a lot of emphasis on talent management, because the job market needs have become so specialized. There was also discussion of offshoring and a “remote labor force.”

The thirteen-page report is report is available free to those registered recipients on SHRM’s email list. But there is no URL to view the report directly.

The report did not get into “best practices” for “reputation management”, given the controversies about “online reputation” often discussed recently on these blogs. There is a definite need for the HR world to address this systematically because of liability exposures that could live down the road.

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