Thursday, October 02, 2008

Opposing views on the channel credit system and future IT projects

"Eweek The Channel Insider" has an article by Jessica Davis which suggests that a partial credit crunch or freeze could actually be good for some information technology companies. It sounds a bit perverse, perhaps. She argues that a financial services crisis could spur technology in some sectors, doing a better job of matching creditworthy customers to money, and perhaps eliminating the security problems (related to identity theft sometimes) that have also interfered with people getting credit. The projects would make the "channel credit system" function efficiently in a stressed environment. This makes it sound as if the credit industry and credit scoring business is likely to have new IT projects. So this could lead to some unusual IT positions, maybe some of them in requirements related to better due diligence in identifying customers. The link is here. The article is called “No Credit Crunch in the Channel,” link here.

The article also has various links for other resources for looking for credit for customers.

Other sources indicate a very uneven experience in the credit crunch. True, business-to-business interest rates are up, and many small businesses are hurting, but in some industries money is still flowing.

There is an article by Craig Zarley with an opposing view in "Channel Web", “Solution Providers Brace for Credit Crunch,” link here. Lines of credit having necessarily stopped, but there is going to be a tightening and a trickle down effect from “channel providers”, the article argues.

Furthermore, the passing of a Congressional bailout will not immediately fix all the problems in credit flow, according to many sources.

IT World: An Open Exchange” has a short article by Dan Blacharski, “Giving Credit to the Channel,” summarizing both of these articles, here.

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