Friday, September 19, 2008

More on interviewing tips -- now a chlicheed topic

A lot of Internet advice on job interviews gets pretty trite (dress conservatively, to be sure), but I thought the Tech Republic blog entry by Toni Bowers, “Three Interview Behaviors Managers Don’t Like” should be noted. The link is here.

The main no-no seems to be a weak or fishy handshake, and lack of eye contact. In fact, the absence of body language is a bad sign. Of course, once someone is working in an organization, sometimes eccentricity or marked introversion is actually treasured, if the person has the reputation as the individual come to with problems no one else can solve. How often have we seen that with I.T.? And who can solve the worst problems? Often it’s the preoccupied person. Not always, but often enough.

I once had an interview with a company that had been a vendor to a company from which I had retired. That company had generated complaints where I had worked and did not have the best reputation. I did mention this in the interview, trying to sound objective. I did not get the job. Okay, maybe there were other problems, like hidden “non compete” or some such idea.

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