Monday, September 01, 2008

Follow Up: What's good about I.T. as a career?

Today, Jason Hiner has a companion “Sanity Check” piece to his article in the Aug. 25 Tech Republic blogs, today called “Five Things that make it great to work in I.T.”, link here.

One of these is that you’re the “hero” if you solve a problem. I’ve experienced that. In January 1989, I looked at some code from a government COBOL Medicare reimbursement program and found that the code did not match the specs in the Federal Register. I rewrote an outlier calculation routine to match the actual code and we got the results expected by the client, saving a business.

The “you get to be a revolutionary” idea is more related to the Internet or P2P, like launching Napster, or Facebook (from a dorm room).

He also says you get to make people more efficient. Jobs that I have done to consolidate billing states were justifications for elimination of administrative positions.

Hiner doesn’t say this: You also don’t have to schmooze with people much. You do have to work cooperatively and “sell” your own work, but you don’t have to “impress” them with phony social manipulations, as people in sales have to do. You shouldn’t “always be closing.”

This whole series does remind me of the movie “Thirteen Conversations about One Thing.”

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