Friday, September 12, 2008

Employers and Facebook: it's a two-way street, perhaps

Given all the recent attention in the media to employer’s checking applicant’s social networking profiles, it’s curious that today Toni Bowers at Tech Republic posted a blog entry “Hiring Manager: Step Away from the Facebook”, link here. Here, an (unnamed) recruiter made an apparently inappropriate invitation to an applicant to become a friend on Facebook. At least, it sounds like inappropriate behavior in the personnel business to me.

As I've noted recently on my main blog, Facebook has recently booted some members for inappropriate use.

I still think that for professional purposes, recruiters and applicants should communicate on more profession-specific networking sites. LinkedIn (a good example of one recruiter’s (David Muir) professional page is here seems to be pretty good with professionalism, as is Ziggs.

The earlier problem had been text messages from job applicants to managers or recruiters.

On June 20 on this blog, I posted a discussion of a report that recruiters should tread carefully in getting involved with applicants’ personal social networking and blogging.

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