Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Business ethics: should a contractor tell a client "the truth"?

Paul Baldwin, in the IT Consultant Column hosted by Chip Camden and Tech Republic, talks about the “business ethics” of a consultant (working for a personnel or consulting company) caught in the middle. The problem is that the consulting company cannot comply with the terms of its client’s contract, and the contractor knows. Should the contractor tell the truth?

The blog article link is here. The title of the article is “Ethics: When telling the truth to the client hurts everyone”.

The interpretation in the article is interesting and realistic. I’ve seen milder versions of this problem myself. I’ve seen contractors, when I was working for the host company, be mum when I thought they could be more forthcoming. I’ve mentioned this in earlier postings.

In 2003, I made up a “Business Ethics” certification test for Brainbench. I don’t know if they are using it now, but I did ponder this problem then.

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