Friday, August 01, 2008

Elance is an "Ebay" for job contractors, customers

NBC4 tonight in Washington DC told viewers about a new site for efficient outsourcing of work, called Elance. It is sort of an employer’s “Ebay” but it is also intended for individual consumers of services. The vyline is "Find Professionals: Get Your Job Done." There website contains a short video by Timothy Ferriss, author of “The Four Hour Workweek” (Crown, 2007). One concept seems to be taking the idea of “piece-work” pay to its ultimate end-point.

Apparently it provides a way to test or interview the “job applicant” and collect customer comments about his or her “reputation.” (Yup, here we go with “online reputation” again.) It also provides for secured third-party payment, and only after the customer has verified that the work is completed.

This sort of service might work well for some kinds of web-design projects, custom design, or unusual troubleshooting of complex applications (perhaps even music and film-editing applications).

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