Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Job Hunting service matches job needs and resumes to employers quickly

The Career Digest newsletter has advised its readers of a new job search website with a certain twist of concept. The name of the emailed letter was “be at the right place at the right time.” The job search website is called The site will match your job “requisition” to available jobs in specified career and geographical areas, format a cover letter, craft your resume (probably functionally) and send it to matched employers.

The advantage of this approach to job submission is that employers who use MyJobHunter often look at those resumes first, and tend to fill positions among the first resumes that they receive. At least, that is what the company claims.

I suppose the notion makes sense. How many times does an applicant work with a recruiter, even get to a phone screening (sometimes an oral skills test by phone arranged by an outside testing company – consisting of “short answer” technical questions) only to find the position with the client employer was already filled, and suspect that the client knew what person it really wanted all along.

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